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Yair began learning Irish dancing in Israel 17 years ago. Since there was no one to turn to in order to learn Irish dancing in Israel, he began teaching himself, using videotapes of traditional Irish dancing by Olive Hurley, and also tapes and DVDs of Irish dance shows.

Soon afterwards, in December 2002, he founded the company and school Irish Dance – Israel, and was the first to give Irish dance lessons in Israel.

Yair traveled to Galway to learn Irish dancing with Mary Brady.

In May 2008, Yair passed his TCRG exam and in December 2011, Yair passed his ADCRG exam.

Yair is the only certified adjudicator & teacher in Israel.

 Today, Yair has approximately 220 students studying in his academy. The classes are being held all across Israel.

On January 2013 Yair danced with Lord of the Dance on their Israel tour.

In 2014, Yair founded a branch of the Academy in Belgrade, Serbia under the management of the local Irish dancer: Nina Stojanovic


Yair Werdyger (center) dancing in Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance

Composer, Sound Designer and Producer for Films, Video Games, Theater and Media.

Graduated from 'Rimon school of Music' Film Scoring and Arranging department in Israel.
Alon has written scores for award winning films that have been screened in festivals all around the world.
He has found his love for Irish music on his trip to Ireland back in 2012.
Met Yair in 2014 and the rest is history.
Alon composed for more than 40 films and 50 video games in a wide variety of genres and platforms.
His ultimate goal is to find the unique sound each project needs. Every film or video game he took upon himself comes with its own world of which he enjoys investing time and researching.